About me

website picI am a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department at the Ohio State University. My research lies at the intersection of comparative politics and international relations, and focuses on the ways in which international and domestic processes co-constitute one another. In particular, I study how international organizations and other international actors condition and create challenges for domestic democratic institutions, and in particular liberal democratic institutions.simultaneously

Specifically, my dissertation considers the impact of international organizations on democratic trajectories in new and developing democracies. I develop and test a theory showing that, although international organizations are positively associated with overall levels of democracy, they can unintentionally make democratic backslide more likely in emerging democracies. Democratic backslide is a within-regime process that occurs with liberal democratic institutions are weakened or eroded; the result is an illiberal or diminished democracy. International organizations make democratic backslide more likely by simultaneously increasing executive power and weakening institutions that check executive power, such as political parties and legislatures.

I earned my M.A. in Political Science from the Ohio State University in 2015. Before coming to the Ohio State University, I earned my B.A. in International Studies from Rhodes College in 2012. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee.